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We believe that a vibrant, competitive digital economy benefits everyone: buyers, sellers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

KUBER helps you build, expand, and collaborate with other digital businesses, helping you develop the tools to be successful and be a positive force in your community.

“We’re a company of builders. Enabled by people and powered by technology, we are not just an ecommerce platform, we are a strategic partner to our customers, because we believe that building a business is not a 100-metre sprint, it’s a marathon. Helping customers every step of the way in their online journey to help boost their revenue, providing efficient support and shining a spotlight on their success. We win when our customers succeed.”

At Kuber, we believe there is a better way to do business online. A more responsible and smarter way where your customers turn into your best sales team. Kuber provides a new-age customer experience that is designed to help businesses attract, engage, and retain their customers. Our mission is to help our merchants grow their online digital business faster while doing the greater good at no additional cost to them and we’re obsessively passionate about it.

Jiten (Gee) Pandya

CEO Kubershop

Should your small business care about CSR? and what is CSR?

Yes, because your customers and employees will.

“Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR as it is more commonly referred to, is a broad concept that covers a company’s commitment to operating their business in an ethical and transparent fashion. This means that they are not solely focused on the end profit, but instead are examining the impact that they are having on environmental, economic and social issues that are closer to home, then nationally and then globally.”

Positive force in your local community and globally

Your business’s impact on people, the planet, and the communities you trade with have taken on growing importance for your customers and how they view your business.

Being a positive force in your local community and globally through your digital business has tangible benefits.

Higher Employee Morale
Higher Employee Loyalty
Less Employee Turnover
Higher Employee Productivity

To ensure you achieve business growth and customer engagement, KUBER has developed the K20 Programme to support and accelerate your success online, on mobile and retail.

Kuber Shop is first and foremost an eCommerce platform, entirely focused on helping you grow your business. KUBER believes that helping people and the planet is the right thing to do.

KUBER wants to give back both locally and globally to add value for people and the planet.

We are proud to Support

KuberShop’s USP is built around its ecommerce platform and its CSR Policy Implementations. According to internal research conducted by various senior team members at Kuber, we have identified three principal social causes that society at large in UK and to a great extent globally has concerns with and baby steps it can take to start with to address and alleviate in any small or big way that it can. This should then also act as a beacon of guiding light for our merchant to emulate and its customers to then participate in the envisaged programme project.

Whilst plans are evolving, KuberShop is proud to support the following initiative

Join the conversation on social media and follow along for more details and to begin helping your communities.

Join Hands, Pool our Combined Resources, Gravitative towards a Common Goal
Why Kuber

Leading the charge and creating a domino
cascade effect

We will use this message of policy as a USP of our eCommerce platform and to establish our company’s ethical green credentials and its stated CSR mission and promote the eCommerce platform to likeminded business (merchants/clients) who want to join us and open their online shop, free forever of any monthly tiered charges and motivate them by taking the lead and showing them how easy the path is for them then to have their own CSR policy incorporated within their own business without it costing them any substantial amount, were they to do it themselves.

The whole idea behind a credible green social ethical CSR policy is to pool all the resources from top-down chain, with Kuber leading the charge and creating a domino cascade effect that gathers momentum of further pooled finances as each interaction causes an effect for the better.

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